A Disturbing Rumor...

Many years ago, the Demon Prince Orcus and his lackeys set out to open a path into the Farveil in an attempt to gain power and influence by harnessing the power of undeath. They were defeated in by a hastily raised army from the then capital city, Terasnia. It was a dearly won victory however, and many of the cultists were able to escape in the ensuing chaos. The area of the battle has remained a cursed and abandoned place ever since, and for good reason. It is filled with filthy evil creatures that are drawn both by the evil aura of the cult, as well as the still present stench of so many dead.

While sitting bored in the Slashfang Guild Hall in the town of Epcalia, Kelsar, Viri, and Puck were asked by fellow guild member Kitari to investigate a rumor of cult activity in the abandoned fortress near the Farveil. Led by Kalarel, the group seems to be connected to the Demon Prince Orcus. After searching for more information in town, the group learned that the cultists have enlisted the assistance of Goblins and Kobolds. The Goblins may be less than happy about this arrangement as their leader, Irontooth, previously peacefully traded with the town.

Shortly after setting out, the group was ambushed by a group of Kobolds that seemed to be guarding the road to the fortress. After defeating them, the group decided to set up camp and tackle the fortress in the morning.


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